The Firm

Our hallmark is excellence and expertise in settling conflicts, creativity and determination in search of the best results

Allende & Brea is one of the largest and most prestigious full-service law firms in Argentina.

Through specialists in all branches of the law, the firm provides practical business solutions that are viable, innovative when required, and always cost-effective. With offices in Buenos Aires and a worldwide set of correspondents, Allende & Brea provides access to a global legal network.

Our spirit

Our hallmark is excellence and expertise in designing solutions for our clients. Therefore, we insist that our lawyers are not only intelligent, but also creative and determined in obtaining the best results for our clients, solving their current problems and anticipating their potential future needs.

How we work

The firm is organized into teams, each focusing on a specific industry or area of practice. Depending on the scale and complexity of a case, we either provide a single attorney or put together a task force of appropriate size.

Each client is assigned to a supervising partner who is familiar with that client's business activities and who is responsible for the overall relationship.